During Wednesday's edition of Lubbock's First News on KFYO, Miss Lubbock Brittney Bennett, MissBrownfield's Outstanding Teen Maddie Bryan, and Pageant Director Debbie Staudt dropped by the studio to share some information on their upcoming pageant.

Pageants involve a lot of work, but can really pay off for participants. "The Miss America Organization is the largest scholarship program for women in the world," Debbie Staudt stated. In fact, because of the great scholarships, Miss Lubbock Brittney Bennet was able to graduate with her Master's Degree debt-free.

One of the reasons that they have the competition early in the year is so that the girls can participate in community service. "It's actually more like a job that you have volunteered for. Earned, but are volunteering for," Staudt explained.  Any girl between the ages of 13 and 24 can compete.

Bennett is the only Lubbock centennial to ever represent Lubbock. "I've represented Lubbock in just about every way because I really just wanted to represent the area I was born and raised in" she said. One of her favorite experiences was learning how to run auctions as an auctioneer.

Maddie is preparing for her first Miss Texas competition. "I'm just really excited to go ahead and get started with this," she said. "It's pretty tough and pretty tiring, but it's so worth it and so fun." Her talent is tap dancing.

Brittney is in her last year. "It's a really bittersweet year. Either way, if I win or if I am not selected Miss Texas, it is my last year due to my age," Brittney told us. Her talent is singing in Italian.

Preliminaries start Monday, June 30th, end Thursday, July 3rd, and the finals will be this Saturday, July 5th. The finals will be broadcast live via internet. If interested in getting involved in pageants, you can visit the Miss Texas website or contact them at misslubbockpageant@att.net for more information.

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