A musician with a history of using a street team to illegally solicit people was spotted in Lubbock and nearby areas during the past week.

Listeners of Lubbock radio stations KFMX and Lonestar 99.5 shared pictures on Facebook that they took of Mikel Knight's tour bus during stops in West Texas. One of the pictures (above) shows the tour bus parked near 82nd St. & Milwaukee Ave., while the other two show the bus in Levelland.

Knight's street team has also been spotted in Wichita Falls and Texoma.

The musician's considerable street team is matched only by the controversy that follows them.

According to website Saving Country Music, the country rap artist's street team, known as the Maverick Dirt Road Street Team, is known to "fan out across smaller communities to aggressively peddle his country rap albums to local populations, usually working a dozen or more hours a day, driving through the night to their next locations, not even being given chances to shower or sleep"

The musician's street team has also run afoul of the law due to their skirting of sales ordinances.

In May of 2015, five members of the street team were arrested in a South Dakota Walmart parking lot for illegally selling CDs of Knight's music without a peddler's license. Authorities in Storm Lake, Iowa warned residents that same month about the musician's street team. "These parties do not have the proper permits to be selling items," said police officials.

In June 2015, syndicated radio host Bobby Bones tweeted a picture of one of Knight's vans, writing that he saw it and another one run a red light and nearly hit people.

In response, Knight tweeted: "...sometimes s--t happens" and asked the deejay for an invite to talk about the "1,000,000 records" he's sold. Bones' answer was a terse: "No."

Photo credit in video: (1) Mandy Vigil, (2) and (3) Diedra Falkenbury


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