Today, on Lubbock's First News, Mika Wyatt of Wyatt's Turf and More swung by the studio to fill us in on the upcoming Potato Field Day put on by Texas A&M's Agrilife program.

Most people believe that one potato is the same as any other, but at the Potato Field Day, there will be 150 different potato varieties. The purpose of this event is to identify and develop different varieties of potatoes most suited to survive in Texas' climate and landscape. There will also be research done on different potato diseases such as zebra chip disease, which causes an unpleasant appearance and taste in potatoes. The event will start at 10AM on Thursday, July 17th. The Potato Field Day will be hosted at Springlake Potato Sales between Littlefield and Springlake.

One of the most interesting topics being discussed and investigated at the Potato Field Day is the proposed use of potatoes as cancer treatment. Although this may sound far fetched, A&M students have found results that the purple potato can be used to fight prostate cancer. Mika commented "they did find some good results from that. Now, to ingest the potato to fight cancer, they haven't quite made that jump yet." Regardless, purple potatoes still make for a great food.

If you have an interest in potatoes or potato development, be sure not to miss the Potato Field Day this July. To learn more about Texas A&M's potato program as well as additional information on their Potato Field Day, check out the Texas A&M Potato Breeding & Variety Development webpage. To reach Mika Wyatt, e-mail him at

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