During Wednesday's edition of Lubbock's First News on KFYO, Mika Wyatt came by the studio and talked about the organic cotton of Africa, as well as the dangers of weed eating around trees.

Wyatt mentioned A&M Agrilife's involvement in a joint effort to help the African country Burkina Faso. Working together with the University of Illinois and funded partly by the Catholic Relief Services, A&M Agrilife is working on helping Burkina Faso grow organic cotton. "They're facing some of the challenges that we are facing here, like how to keep your organic cotton clean in the sense of not exposed to other genetically modified cotton like BT cotton or round-up ready cotton, things like that," Wyatt said.

The country is widely impoverished, but cotton farmers in Burkina (of which 30% are women) are finding that there is money to be made in the organic cotton business. One of their biggest buyers is Victoria's Secret.

Providing a tip on turf care, Wyatt described weed eaters as "one of the greatest inventions of the past century," but added, "they are dastardly murderers of trees and shrubs. When you use that weed eater, and you're using that twine and you're going around that tree, don't hit that trunk! Don't do it, because if you do that week after week, it's going to girdle that tree and kill that tree."

For more turf tips, visit Mika Wyatt's Turf and More website here.

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