Looking at the long-term forecast, this upcoming Saturday (12/3) may be our last (and not great) chance at having snow this winter. This is a drastic change from last year, when it snowed so much the town shut down and I threw out my hip ninja kicking a giant snow clod (true story). It appears as if we won't have a white Christmas or December at all.

A Midland family has a very West Texan solution to this West Texas problem: make your snowman out of tumbleweeds.

They aren't the first family to use a tumbleweed to decorate for the holidays. I've even used one in lieu of a tree the Christmas after my divorce. I lost every bit of Christmas things I had, so I decorated my 'tree' with items I found at the park - berries, goosefeathers and bolls of cotton. My tree was pure magic.


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