There was a time long ago when Apple was just a tiny little underdog of a computer company, Google wasn't even dreamed up yet, and Microsoft was the undisputed king of the consumer electronics world. Now, fast forward to today: Apple and Google are now the big names, and the once mighty Microsoft is now the underdog of the group. Microsoft is due for a comeback, and it looks like they may have just the thing.

The key component of Microsoft's comeback is the new Windows 8 operating platform, which already has a radically different format than previous version of Windows. Instead of the usual start bar and icons we're used to seeing, the new format uses "tiles," large panels that display more information about an application than a simple icon ever could. The OS is designed for a touch screen, and it shows, but initial reviews seem to suggest that is works just as well on a regular PC. Windows 8 is expected to hit the market sometime this fall.

But it's not just about a new operating system. It's about taking the format of the new OS and implementing it across all Microsoft devices. In other words, you'll be able to use the same system across a number of devices. And even better, you'll have access to all of your files no matter what device you use. Word documents on your personal computer can be accessed from your tablets, songs you have stored on your tablet can be pulled up on your phone, and so on.

Apple and Google have attempted this kind of thing before, but with varying degrees of success. If Microsoft can really pull off a seamless system that can be accessed from any device, they may have a real chance of reclaiming their top spot in the electronics world. But we'll see...