Michele Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll on Saturday and is now talking like the front-runner, but I wouldn't put any money on her winning the nomination. History has show the winning the straw poll doesn't guarantee that a candidate will win the nomination. In fact, the results will have more of an impact on Tim Pawlenty who finished a weak third in the poll than Bachmann.

I do give Pawlenty a small break though. Ron Paul finished ahead of him and like many others I am very dismissive on his campaign. So let's just say Tim Pawlenty finished second.

Back to Bachmann. Her campaign would have gotten a huge boost in the race if it weren't for Rick Perry. Rick Perry's Saturday announcement that he is indeed running for President will turn the election upside down.

In the coming months I look for Bachmann to fade away and for Rick Perry and Mitt Romney to be the last two credible candidates standing. Most of those who support Bachmann will run to Rick Perry. Bachmann has had a great run and if Mitt Romney gets the nomination, I wouldn't be surprised if Bachmann's name shows up on a VP short list.