On the Tuesday edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Michael Quinn Sullivan of Empower Texans talked with Chad about some of the big issues affecting Texas.

There may be a new competitor in the Texas Speaker race. David Simpson, a Tea Party candidate from Longview, Texas, is now considering running for the position, along with Bryan Hughes and incumbent Joe Straus. Sullivan called Simpson a "strong, staunch conservative," and talked about his successful push in the legislature to ban TSA "groping" in Texas.

"Even though [Simpson's] legislation didn't go anywhere, what he tried to accomplish won overwhelmingly because the TSA changed their rules. They changed their ruled because of a legislation filed by a freshman member of the Texas legislature. For people who think politics and the process of state government don't matter, I point to Daivd Simpson."

Sullivan also discussed an article for the New York Times criticizing Texas for giving incentives to businesses in the state. He said that, while the story was mostly factual, the Times seems to have confused tax breaks with direct payment, and that there are many other states who offer incentives to businesses, not just Texas. Sullivan also discussed economic development in Texas and a little bit of Texas A&M football.

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