On Friday's Chad Hasty Show Michael Quinn Sullivan, President of Empower Texans and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility discussed issues arising from the state budget debate and other legislation of the current legislative session.

The state legislature has still not established a budget, which they are constitutionally required to do by law, and Mr. Sullivan attributes it largely to issues over funding, revenue and tax relief.

The future of the state's rainy day fund and the possibilities that it will not raise as much money as expected was discussed.

Sullivan said HB 346, “...was put forward by some of the... very moderate senators who quite frankly wanted to attack conservatives. The legislation they put forward requires non profit organizations that do engage politically like mine, like the home-schoolers, like the pro-lifers, like any number of groups; they want us to disclose our donors, and under federal law, under U.S. Supreme court decision, under the U.S. constitution donors to non-profits are protected. They don't have to be disclosed. And Why? Because they are using their own money, they are doing things privately ... They want to have at it so they can intimidate donors to groups they don't like."

Sullivan pointed out the apparent hypocrisy of HB 346 exempting Labor unions from following the disclosure rules set forth in the bill for other non-profits.

He also drew a parallel that civil rights groups were protected from these kind of disclosures to ensure groups like the KKK could not single out supporters for harassment.