Lubbock’s Mayor may call a special City Council meeting if action isn’t taken to address the rise in utility rates for Lubbock Power and Light customers. Mayor Glen Robertson tells KFYO News that he will call the special meeting if the Electric Utility Board doesn’t take action.

Robertson told KFYO News early Thursday evening,

If the Electric Utility Board does not take action by Monday afternoon or at least announce a special meeting to address this issue and try to determine what to do, then I’m going to call a Special City Council meeting.

We’ll have one agenda item on it. It will be to consider and take action on the possibility of removing the rate increase instituted last month until October 1.

The City Council voted back on May 8th of this year to raise rates to the municipally owned utility by a 6 to 1 vote. Mayor Robertson was the lone vote on the council against the rate increase.

Thousands of LP&L residents have taken to social media and the airwaves over the recent rate increases by Lubbock Power and Light. A group on the social media website Facebook called “I Hate LP&L” boasts over 4,000 members, many of whom joined the group in the past week.