Friday on Lubbock's First News, Mayor Glen Robertson gave an overview of topics covered during the most recent City Council meeting.

Regarding the issue of synthetic marijuana, Robertson said that in spite of recent efforts to identify and account for new compounds for regulation, they still have to wait for them to come out to make an amendment to the city ordinance on the drug. They also spoke about the efforts of Councilman Todd Klein to create a task force to make recommendations to the Council and to state legislation on how to regulate the payday lending industry in Lubbock. Robertson said Klein is "concerned about the effects on people who can't afford it."

The Mayor also discussed the investigation efforts regarding the EUB, by two different law firms. The initial investigation was dropped due to one company "given an unfair advantage. They were allowed to write the initial specs for the RFP." There is some controversy surrounding a statement that may or may not have actually been made about the predicted costs of the investigations. Robertson said executive sessions are not recorded in detail. He said, "By design, executive minutes are typically not very detailed. It's that way on most of the boards I've served on." He discussed policies that set limitations on how LP&L hires outside councils and a spending limit without board approval.

Get more details on all these discussion topics by listening to the interview below.

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