Friday on Lubbock's First News, Mayor Glen Robertson discussed the major topics covered during the latest Lubbock City Council meeting.

Robertson talked about the Tim Cole Memorial Park. The decision allowed the memorial to be erected on city property. Cole was wrongly convicted and passed away while incarcerated. After his death he was cleared of the conviction. Robertson said the memorial will serve "as a way of saying we need to remember these kinds of mistakes so that we don't repeat them."

Council members discussed the proposal to transfer some road work from the state the municipal level. TxDOT would retain responsibility over some streets, but would hand over others to the city. This will affect cities with a population above 50,000. Robertson decided it would be best to get a jump start on negotiating the best option for the city. He believes that within five years it is inevitable that the state will dump responsibility without further negotiations.

The Council also discussed news from LP&L. They decided to postpone the power purchase and advertising agreement that was set with Texas Tech in order to explore other options. There are efforts being made to reallocate funds currently set for advertising for the company. The Council is seeking an alternative option that will make the agreement more transparent and clearly separate the power purchase from advertising agreement. Robertson said, "In this case, I question whether LP&L should be advertising. I still don't think they should. I think it is a waste of rate payer and tax payer money." He believes that the city can work closely with the university in the future; they are seeking new ways to maintain the relationship.

More details from the Lubbock City Council meeting on December 12 are available from KFYO News. 

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