Today, on Lubbock's First News, Mayor Glen Robertson discussed a number of topics, including the City Council's decision to change meeting times and details on a recent meeting with LP&L.

Politicians and public figures often have busy schedules and limited free time. Because of this, the Lubbock City Council recently decided to push their meeting time back an hour. For two years, the City Council would meet at 6:15 but will now be meeting at 5:15. There were multiple reasons for this. Firstly, many citizens would get off work at five, drive home, and drive right back to City Hall to make citizens comments. Now they can "come sign up on their way home from work, speak, and go home and have the rest of their evening." Also, the council would sometimes stay past midnight. "You are not going to get good policy making out of your elected officials if they are up there at eleven thirty, twelve, twelve thirty at night trying to make decisions on hundreds of millions of dollars of budgeting items," Mayor Robertson stated. The Mayor has also decided to move work sessions, often lasting an hour or two, to 1:00PM. They will then begin executive sessions at 2:30PM, and open session at 5:15. By moving these start times around, Mayor Robertson hopes that "a lot of times, we should be able to get out of City Hall by seven, seven fifteen in the evening."

In addition to discussing the movement of City Council meeting times, Mayor Robertson also discussed the most recent meeting with LP&L, Lubbock Power and Lighting. Lubbock is looking for a third party to generate power for the next 30 years. The bottom line on this bid is seven billion dollars. Mayor Robertson was glad that the recent controversy surrounding LP&L's Gary Zheng is now behind them. "We had a tremendous meeting yesterday," Mayor Robertson said. "The entire LP&L board and the entire Council met for about two hours. And with the exception of three people, two council members and one EUB member, everbody else, the vast majority had decided to put all the nonsense behind us, move forward, [and] come up with a good deal. People that two weeks ago were really embattled over the CEO issue, here again the majority of them with the exception of three people, have decided that, you know what? That's history, we're going to put it behind us." Mayor Robertson was very happy with the new direction that the Council and LP&L are able to move in, acknowledging this last meeting as "the best LP&L meeting ever attended."

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