Friday on Lubbock's First News, Mayor Glen Robertson spoke with Tom and Laura about the October 24 City Council meeting, covering topics of Victor Hernandez's call for the release of documents and an investigation into the Request for Proposal bidding process of LP&L.

Victor Hernandez made a demand for the public release of a report that was reviewed after Leigh Ann Dumbauld was fired following the reception of the report by the council. The report  The vote to reveal the documents failed 4-3. The mayor's response was, "we've got to put this item behind us."

The council considered a legal investigation of LP&L's bidding process.The EUB is already conducting an investigation. A member of the EUB came to the board after obtaining information about violation of bidding laws in the current Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Robertson said, "the accusations were very serious. I was and am still extremely concerned." In response to questions about a flawed process, he stated that "the process is a completely different issue than did individuals violate state bidding laws." Robertson opted not to conduct an investigation by the council until obtaining the results of that being conducted by the EUB. HE said, "I don't want the tax payers to have to pay for a parallel investigation run by this council. I think we need an investigation that looks at all staff, every board member, including myself."

Robertson noted that these recent issues all lead to reappointment, which will be focused heavily on in the near future.


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