Monday on the Chad Hasty Show, Maurice Stanley, owner of Jerry's Barber Shop, discussed his thoughts about city issues and his motivation to run for a seat on the city council. Stanley is running for District 3, the seat that Councilman Todd Klein has said he will not return to.

Stanley outlined his position on taxes and some things he agreed and disagreed with that the current council had acted upon. He said, "If I'm not willing to jump in, then I shouldn't be up there asking the council to do things... so I need to be a part of it or get out of the game." He said working as a barber allows him access to many opinions of the public that he will take to the council. He would like to see more maintenance of what the city currently is currently responsible for, in a proactive way. Stanley believes that raising taxes is a realistic necessity to fund some programs. More details can be heard by listening to the interview below.

Listen to the full interview: