Monday on The Chad Hasty Show on KFYO, GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak talked with Chad about Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel's resignation, the reasons behind it and the implications.

According to Mackowiak:

Clearly the President's strategy with ISIS is failing. I think even the White House is beginning to admit that. And it seems to me that Hagel is sort of going to be the scapegoat for that.

Mackowiak and Hasty also discussed the President's executive actions on amnesty for illegal immigrants. Mackowiak said:

President Obama in his first term promised to attack immigration in his first one hundred days. For his first thirteen months, he had the House, then Senate with sixty votes, and the Whitehouse, and he did absolutely nothing on immigration. He has essentially used the Hispanic community for their votes and for whatever served his purposes his entire political career. And now, in the end of the sixth year of his presidency, he's urgently issuing this executive order, after six years of doing absolutely nothing and one month before the Republicans take over the House and the United States Senate.

Matt Mackowiak is a co-founder of Must Read Texas.

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