Monday on the Chad Hasty Show, GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak spoke about 2014 elections and how candidates are talking about various issues.

Mackowiak discussed Rand Paul's comments that Texas may not always be red. Paul believes the party needs to be more open in case of this event. To do this, Mackowiak said, people must begin with social issues, criminal justice reform. However, Mackowiak believes Paul and others are focusing on legal immigration. He believes it is necessary to alter the discussion in order to not run off Hispanic voters.

As the primaries approach, Mackowiak noted that the public will see more ads and more mail to gain voter support for campaigns. He said, "You are going to start seeing these races being more in your face." This will be particularly effective considering the high turnout for early voting. He said, for candidates, "really it's about putting your strategy in place now."

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