Monday on the Chad Hasty Show, GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak talked about candidates and campaigns for the 2014 elections in Texas.

Mackowiak noted the differences between Senator John Cornyn and Steve Stockman. He observed that Stockman has had difficulty gaining traction. He is less well liked than Cornyn and his personal situation is not supportive of a successful campaign. He does not think Stockman has enough funds for campaigning.  Mackowiak said, "At the end of the day, he starts in this race with $30,000 in the bank and $160,000 in debt. No member of Congress should be in that position." He suggested it was a poor choice on the part of Stockman to run at the last minute, particularly in his situation.

Mackowiak also discussed the candidates for Lieutenant Governor. He observed that all four individuals running for the position are strong candidates. Regarding Dewhurst, Mackowiak questioned his negative tactics, but noted there can be positive and negative outcomes.

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