Monday on The Chad Hasty Show, GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak joined Chad to talk about current events in politics, namely the Donald Trump candidacy and today's announcement of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker officially entering the fray for the Presidency.

during his response to Hasty's questioning about Donald Trump's seriousness as a 'conservative' candidate, Mackowiak said,

Donald Trump is not a base conservative. You know, he supported, you know, partial birth abortion as late as 1999, you know, he supported amnesty as recently as a few years ago, I mean, you know, he's a major donor to the Clinton Foundation, he wanted Hillary to be Obama's vice president. You can go through his record and realize that he's been a essentially a Democrat until the last few years. So, you know look, his commitment to the Republican Party is zero, his commitment is to himself, and so I think he's a real danger to a process and he's taking up oxygen from all the other serious candidates, and he's saying things that are sometimes irresponsible that do damage to the brand of the Republican Party.

Mackowiak also provided comments on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's announcement entering the race.

Listen to the entire interview with Matt Mackowiak in the video box above.

Matt Mackowiak is a co-founder of the bipartisan political news blog Must Read Texas.

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