Monday on the Chad Hasty Show Matt Mackowiak gave his opinion of Senator Ted Cruz. He also made observations about the future of Obamacare in the House of Representatives and the struggle to get form a plan before the deadline of government shut-down.

Mackoviak noted the unpopularity of Senator Ted Cruz among Republicans. His opinion is that Cruz is disliked by most other Republican representatives because Cruz is good at what he does. Cruz is thought to be more popular, due in part to his success with grassroots efforts, with the Republican public and with the media. Mackowiak suggested that Cruz's short time in politics with such success has made him an enviable representative.

Republicans in the House are working to defund Obamacare while the government shutdown is looming. Mackowiak believes that "the Republicans probably will cave and do a short-term bill to fund government with Obamacare for three, six, nine months, or maybe a year so they can get some type of delay and call to win." However, he also observed that they have more leverage with the deadline approaching because if the government gets shut down, Obamacare will also get defunded. Mackowiak observed that while defunding Obamacare has been voted on many times in the House, it has fallen at the Senate. He believes that while there was previously to real risk to bringing it up at the House, now, because the House must do something before the deadline, a risk of political capital is presented.

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