Monday on the Chad Hasty Show, GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak analyzed Senator John Cornyn's press efforts, Senator Ted Cruz's qualities, and the Republican fight against Obamacare.

Cornyn has begun to release political campaign advertisements, in spite of his lack of major competitors. Mackowiak noted that in response to the argument that he is not conservative enough, Cornyn is "playing offense... He is definitely starting to be more progressive. I think that is a smart tactical move on their campaign's part." Mackowiak believes no other major Republican competitors have stepped up to challenge Cornyn because they believe he is conservative enough and do not view him as a weak opponent.

Mackowiak, moving beyond Cornyn's non-vote for Senator Cruz, described Cruz's major positive points that make him a strong figure in Congress. He noted that, after many efforts to fight Obamacare by voting against it in the House, Cruz took action and stepped up to make a greater effort to end it. Cruz is considered a "bold conservative" because he is "standing up. He's making an argument. He's picking a fight, demonstrating courage."

Mackowiak suggested the need for more bold conservatives to lead a united cause among Republicans in order to get things done. Mackowiak said, "Democrats are united. Why are Republicans not united? If Republicans were united, we'd be in a stronger position on this." This appears as a result of Republicans beginning to "cave" to Democrats, who refuse to budge on any point in the fight of Obamacare. Mackowiak said, "we've now moved in their direction. They've moved zero... They're doing absolutely nothing to move in our direction and we can't wait to move in their direction." However, he believes that the fight to repeal Obamacare is worth having.

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