Monday on the Chad Hasty Show, GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak discussed the potential for a Republican majority House and Senate, Benghazi, and the stage for Ted Cruz and Rick Perry in 2016.

Mackowiak, in response to the four-point lead of Republicans for Congress, said the current lead gives an idea of the public view. He said there is a good chance Republicans will gain seats in the House and will win the majority in the Senate. Mackowiak suggested that successfully doing so would put the president in a completely new situation and put pressure on him to actually veto bills, rather than having Harry Reid do it for him. He also believes this would affect the 2016 election by showing partisan differences to voters and showcase politicians.

Regarding Benghazi, Mackowiak does not believe returning focus to the issue will backfire "as long as republicans are staying focused... on all the facts out there, staying in that journalistic mode.... I think they are in a safe place."

Mackowiak also considered the stage for Republican candidates for 2016. He believes that the stage is large enough for Rick Perry and Ted Cruz, because each is a distinct candidate. He observed Cruz's grassroots success and focuses on liberty and the Tea Party, while Perry will "run as an electable conservative" who is considered mainstream and someone the public is already comfortable with. He said whoever runs will have to show they can beat Hillary Clinton.

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