Monday on the Chad Hasty Show, GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak talked about Wendy Davis and upcoming elections.

Mackowiak noted that as candidates completed the formal filing procedure to become official candidates, the campaign season will really begin to get started. He observed that if political landscape of Texas really changing, would see more Democratic candidates following Wendy Davis for other positions. These would be candidates ready with the money to campaign. He noted this may still happen, but time is running out. Filing must be completed by December 9.

Mackowiak said, "Ultimately, if you're vulnerable, if there's a chance to win, people run. That's why Dewhurst has three candidates running against him in the Republican primary." He related this to Cornyn's lack of competition, reiterating his belief that Davis will not be able to win the race. Mackowiak also briefly covered candidates for running for other offices in Texas. Get the details by listening to the interview below.

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Listen to the full interview: