Monday on the Chad Hasty Show, GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak discussed the current deal set with Iran, as well as the continuing race for Governor.

Mackowiak noted the current deal made has increased bipartisan concern about the action, because it is negative for both the U.S. and Israel. He listed four things he believes to be behind the decision: 1) it is "a legacy move of President Obama for Secretary Kerry," 2) an attempt to prevent Republicans in Congress from passing sanctions, 3) an attempt to prevent Israel military action, and 4) with the 2012 election behind him, Obama doesn't have to worry about fundraising support for the future.

Mackowiak believes this decision is "just another game" that does not improve security or policy for any side of the discussion. He noted the UN already has 15 sanctions that are intended to restrict uranium use. The current deal, said Mackowiak, is an "existential threat to Israel," who "is one of our strongest allies." He believes this is an attempt to push Obamacare out of top news and turn the focus to foreign matters. Mackowiak observed it is likely that Republicans will win more seats in 2015, ensuring a majority in Congress. He said, "this is one of those things, I think, where Democrats were so worried about trying to get a few things done in the remaining time that President Obama has left, particularly when it comes to nominations, that they made a short term deal that I think they are going to regret."

Mackowiak also discussed the race for Texas Governor, discussing Wendy Davis' tactics.  He observed that Davis is currently outside of the state for raise funds, while Abbott is going strong with a greater amount of money for campaigning. He observed that "it is clear that Greg Abbott is running a much more aggressive, policy-based campaign than Wendy Davis is, so far."

Mackowiak is a co-founder of Must Read Texas, where more details about these topics and other Texas political news can be found.

Listen to the full interview for more details: