Monday on the Chad Hasty Show, GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak spoke with Chad about problems with the Wendy Davis campaign regarding ethical decisions and commented on amendments to ethics disclosures of Ken Paxton.

Mackowiak observed Wendy Davis's increasingly negative ethical image. He stated this is a result of her decision to vote of matters that benefited her two-person law firm. He noted she switched positions, voted to benefit her interests, and even wrote letters to set up beneficial outcomes for a client. Mackowiak said that while conflicts of interest are common, Davis has committed more serious unethical actions and should be held to a higher standard as a candidate for Governor. He also recalled Davis's promise to vote cautiously when she opened the law firm and to discontinue work with the law firm when running for Governor. However, Mackowiak observed she has done neither.

Aside from ethical issues, Mackowiak noted other points at which the Davis campaign was significantly lacking.  Mackowiak said, "She's running a campaign based on her celebrity. She hasn't put many ideas out there." He suggested that her campaign lacks thoughtful policy based campaign and that she only uses Democratic tricks in attempts to negatively affect Abbott. Another issue that has reflected negatively on Davis is the failure of her campaign to respond to Abbott's invitation to a debate in the Valley. Mackowiak believes this shows the continued trend of the Davis campaign's poor media relations.

Lastly, Mackowiak spoke about Ken Paxton's amended ethics disclosures of his personal financial statements. Although the Branch campaign effectively brought issue to state wide attention, Mackowiak believes the Paxton campaign will not suffer because of Paxton's preexisting advantages in the race. He predicted Paxton's success in winning the election for Attorney General.

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