Monday on the Chad Hasty Show, GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak made observations about Senator Wendy Davis' campaign fundraising and predicted the issues she will focus on. He also analyzed some of the issues being dealt with after the government shutdown.

Mackowiak predicted that Davis will focus on education funding for health care. He observed that she will be running as an independently-minded Democrat, which may cause her difficulty in finding funds, particularly within Texas. This is why he noted that she left the state quickly after the announcement that she would run to raise funds for her campaign. Mackowiak said, "there's not enough money to fundraise for that kind of candidate. You have to run to the left... I don't expect that she is going to those fundraisers... as an independent-minded Democrat. I suppose she is being a little more liberal in those closed rooms than she would be in public."

Mackowiak also talked about the issues that will be focused on by the Republicans and Democrats since government shutdown has come to an end. He predicted that the big issue for Democrats will continue to be the shutdown and the issue for Republicans will continue to be Obamacare. However, Mackowiak predicted the shutdown will die out as a prominent issue by next year.

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