Monday on the Chad Hasty Show, GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak outlined his observations on the development of the race for Governor in Texas.

In spite of Mackowiak's previous prediction that Wendy Davis would not run for Governor, Davis announced her candidacy. Mackowiak noted that Greg Abbott, also in the race, would be more preoccupied with maintaining competition with Davis rather than Abbott's Republican opponent, Tom Pauken. He believes this will be so because Abbott will be able to raise more money and support by maintaining Davis as his main opponent.

While recent polls have showed a close race in support for Abbott and Davis, with about 50% left undecided. Mackowiak noted it is too early in the race to tell its future direction.While Mackowiak doesn't believe the Republicans should worry about Davis entering the race, he notes that they should make efforts to remain focus and take the competition seriously, becuase he believes Davis will be able to fundraise very effectively.
However, Mackowiak said, "Davis is likely to raise at least twenty million dollars, or quite a bit more. She'll be the first Democrat to do that successfully... At the end of the day, I think she is unlikely to get more than 45 or 46%, given where the state is."

In addition to the Governor's race, Mackowiak talked about his surprise that the government shutdown has continued for so long. Although he previously suggested that Republicans would cave to the Senate, he was surprised that they had held their ground. He noted that the approaching debt limit would probably get an extension so that something could be passed, but that it's arrival would give Republicans greater leverage than the shutdown did.

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