Members of a nationwide group will visit the Texas Capitol this week to encourage state legislators to support issues that are important to their group.

Hundreds of March of Dimes volunteers will urge Texas legislators to ensure Texas babies receive screenings for rare medical conditions, including Critical Congenital Heart Disease, protection of children’s health in child care facilities, and Medicaid funding.

The group says that a technicality in the language of the state’s Newborn Screening Program prevents the Department of State Health Services from adding screening for CCHD because the screening takes place in the hospital rather than in the lab. HB740, offered by Rep. Myra Crownover would allow for the addition of the screening.

March of Dimes representatives also say that they support SB 64 by State Senator Jane Nelson, which would require all licensed child-care facilities to develop and implement policies regarding what, if any, vaccines it requires of its employees.

They also support the Supplemental Appropriations bill to fund the Medicaid shortfall, saying that maintaining Medicaid eligibility and enrollment for pregnant woman will decrease the preterm birth rate in Texas. More than 56.4 percent of all births in Texas are paid for by Medicaid.

March of Dimes will visit the Texas Capitol between noon and 3 p.m. Wednesday, February 13th.