There are plenty of ways to propose to a girl. But here's a surefire way to get her to say yes: throw in an element of life-threatening danger.

A Chicago man went to great lengths - and heights - to propose to his girlfriend by faking an impending plane crash and having her read the flight manual, which contained his proposal.

Commercial pilot Ryan Thompson took his girlfriend, Carlie Kennedy, for a ride in a small aircraft to view the Chicago skyline. What Kennedy didn't know was that Thompson had concocted an elaborate and terrifying prank as a prelude to his marriage proposal.

Midway through their flight, Thompson told Kennedy that the plane was experiencing a serious malfunction and asked her to read the emergency instruction manual.

"At that moment, I genuinely thought something was wrong with the plane, and that we were going to crash," Kennedy, 28, told the Chicago Sun-Times.

As the plane appears to be descending out of control, Kennedy reads the phony emergency instructions, which instruct the passengers to begin the, "Ring Engagement Procedure."

Kennedy still thinks she's reading a genuine emergency response plan and continues reading the next step of instructions, which say," "Determine if he is a good mate," and "Note: He will always love and honor you."

"I genuinely did believe that we were going to die," Kennedy told ABC News. "I felt like our lives depended on me making it through that checklist."

Eventually, the couple made a safe landing and Kennedy said yes. Personally speaking, if my boyfriend tried to fake a plane crash to get me to say yes, I would be...not so happy, to put it lightly. But hey, if this girl can put up with crazy hijinks like this from her future husband, I says she's a keeper.

You can check out the video from the proposal below: