The Geneva Motor Show is this week in Switzerland, with many major announcements and reveals happening at the show.

Volkswagen announced that the final Bugatti Veyron has sold, marking the end of the Hypercar’s reign after 10 years. Lamborghini unveiled the 740 horsepower to the wheels Aventador SV. The infamous Ferrari 458 is being replaced by the 488 GTB, a 661 horsepower V8 beast. Audi released the new R8, which comes with a 602 horsepower V10. Bentley has brought back the old name of the Speed 6 to a new Ferrari F12 rival, brandishing a V8 turbo that is based on the Continental GT’s motor. Koenigsegg announced a hybrid car called the Regera that is meant to join the current trend of battling emissions and being able to keep brute force at the heart of Hypercars in Europe. British Top Gear is also reporting that Aston Martin is unveiling a new model for track use only called the Vulcan, which they say has 800 horsepower to the wheels.