On Monday's edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Matt Mackowiak offered insight on the next steps to be taken by Obama and Congress regarding Syria, as well as future actions of John Cornyn, Wayne Christian, and possible candidate Wendy Davis.

Mackowiak shared that the President is making rounds to news stations today to talk about his views on Syria. Tomorrow night, Obama will address the nation on the crisis. Mackowiak observed that these actions are Obama's attempts to change the public opinion on the matter. Currently, the public stands at about 95% to 98% resistance to military action.

Mackowiak acknowledged that "there's no cost to being against the Syria resolution. Until that changes, I'm not sure this thing is going to pass." Mackowiak believes that this move will hurt Obama politically, furthering his description as a lame duck, since he has set the red line and decided to go to Congress with the issue. Mackowiak predicted that if Congress votes it down and the president goes ahead with action, "it will raise very serious and dire constitutional questions."

Mackowiak also noted that Senator John Cornyn remains a strong candidate for the primary. Although a new candidate, Linda Vega has entered the scene, he does not assess any real threat.

Wayne Christian, former state representative and another candidate up for Railroad County Commissioner, has added to the growing number of new candidates that are not very well known. This offers most candidates and equal hand in the race.

Finally, Mackowiak predicted that Wendy Davis's announcement would be that she will not run for Senator. He observed that possible candidates who take a long time to think about running usually don't run. Since Davis stated that she would not run if she didn't think she could win, Mackowiak believes that makes it unlikely.

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