What we said would happen, is happening. Lubbock's "tent city" at Ave. Q and Broadway is now up to 30 tents and it's going to grow larger. Since we started talking about this on LFN, more and more people are becoming aware of this problem affecting the Downtown area. More heat has also been put on council members to do something about this community.

Councilwoman Karen Gibson is reportedly trying to find a new place in Lubbock for the community to relocate to. Wrong move Mrs. Gibson. These people don't need to be relocated by the city. They need to be told to leave. These people have decided to live in tents instead of seeking help at the Salvation Army. If a church or non-profit wants to take these people in no problem, but the city should do nothing to enable this type of behavior.

I don't know about you, but I don't want these people popping their tents up next to my home. Lubbock doesn't need or want a tent community. Nothing good will come of it. It's not the job of the City Council to find housing or land for people. A friend of mine told me that Lubbock should make it hard to be homeless here. I agree. Why make it easy for these people who don't want help?  Why condone this type of behavior? Why give in to the Carpenter's Community Organizing Church?

Carpenter's could let these people pop up tents outside their building, but they won't even allow it to happen. Carpenter's wants the city to spend millions of dollars to build a homeless shelter. They are pushing a political agenda and more and more people are seeing that.

These people don't need to be relocated, they need to be evicted and told to get out. Sure, offer them a ride to the Salvation Army, but that's it.

Carpenter's Church and other organizations need to focus their resources on those who need and want help. There are homeless people that want help and are reaching out. Help them. There are homeless people that want to make something of their lives. They want to get back on top things and not live in a tent. Focus on them!

Those who live in the tents don't want this help. They have been offered and have declined what the Salvation Army has offered. Why? Because after three days the Salvation Army asks that you prove that you are working towards bettering yourself. They have rules. Those who lead this tent city have said that.

Council members, don't do anything to enable these folks. Tell them to leave.

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