Water use in Lubbock for the current fiscal year is dropping, especially compared to the past year.

Water use in the 2010-2011 fiscal year was far above normal levels, even during what has been called the worst drought in Texas history. During February 2011, Lubbockites used 906,622,000 gallons of water, which is 132 gallons per capita daily.

In February 2010, 705,415,000 gallons were used, coming out to 104 daily gallons per capita. The 5-year average of water use is 758,815,400 gallons, an average of 116 gallons per capita daily.

Last month, 807,793,000 gallons were used in Lubbock, averaging to 117 gallons per capita daily.

The City of Lubbock will go into Stage 2 water restrictions on April 1st. More information, including a watering schedule, is available here.

The year-over-year graph from the City of Lubbock Water Department is included below.