The Hub City isn't exactly aquatic, but we all use our fair share of water. A recent report has surfaced claiming that we're losing too much of that precious resource.

The newly released information came from FluksAqua, who studied the state's stats on water. It turns out that old water infrastructure has been springing leaks, causing a high rate of water loss every year.

Lubbock alone loses almost 1,011,000 gallons of water each year -- a cost of $6,108,819 in real and apparent losses. That break down to a $44 cost of water loss for each customer, the report says. You can see all the numbers for yourself at their interactive infographic.

To put that into perspective, FluksAqua says 1,531 Olympic swimming pools could be filled with the water Lubbock is losing. And we're far from the biggest city in the Lone Star State.

Texas as a whole loses about 156,000+ Olympic-sized swimming pools of drinkable water every year at a cost of nearly $400 million.

Texas isn't alone in these infrastructure leaks, but the size of the state leans into bigger problems. Conservation is key to prevent future droughts in the great state of Texas.