Lubbock Sheriff’s Office deputies have received an anonymous tip that led to a drug seizure and two arrests.

Deputies assigned to the Narcotics Division/Canine Unit of the Lubbock Sheriff’s Office and officers with Lubbock Police Department’s Special Operations Division investigated a house located at 6502 Avenue 0 on Friday, July 25. An unidentified caller reported large volumes of traffic coming and going from the house rapidly.

After making contact with two residents of the property, 32-year-old Joseph Davis and 24-year-old Rebeckah Wendt, Deputies established probable cause to search the property and applied for a search warrant.

The warrant was granted and the subsequent search revealed three pounds, eight ounces of marijuana, marijuana paraphernalia and over $1,800 in cash. These items along with a BMW sedan were seized as evidence.

Davis and Wendt have been booked into the county jail for possession of marijuana over four ounces under five pounds in a drug free zone.