Several road infrastructure projects were approved by Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization’s transportation policy committee yesterday during the committee’s regular meeting.

The eight approved projects for the 2015-18 Transportation Improvement Program are: Continuing to rebuild 34th Street, with special attention to the stretch of the road between Quaker and Indiana avenues; Adding landscaping improvements along University Avenue between Marsha Sharp Freeway and Amherst Street; Continuing to rebuild Erskine Street, with between Texas Tech Parkway and Indiana Avenue; Widening a stretch of 98th Street from University Avenue to U.S. 87; Raising the median on Avenue Q from 19th to 50th Street; the construction of a cable barrier off Interstate 27 a mile north of U.S. 84; the addition of cable barrier off Loop 289 near Avenue U; and improving the traffic signal operation at the intersection of U.S. 84 and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

The committee also approved an additional $1 million for a renovations project on S. Slide Road as part of the current 2013-16 Transportation Improvement Program.