Lubbock Power and Light has provided an update on their work regarding outages from Wednesday evening’s storm.

A press release from LP&L states that the storm caused severe damage to infrastructure throughout their entire service territory, leading to more than 19,000 reported outages at its peak.

The utility says that the LP&L electric system was fully up and running by Thursday morning, leaving crews repairing all remaining individual outages.

They say that much of the work being done by crews revolves around physically rebuilding badly damaged equipment, which can take longer than normal in many instances, due to the storm’s force.

“The majority of the storm outages are behind us, but it will be several days before the last remaining outages are restored,” said Chris Sims, LP&L public information officer.

Sims continued, saying “These remaining outages scattered throughout the system must be worked on bit by bit. Many of them are very complicated in scope and require substantial rebuilding on our part.”

The utility press release continued, saying that they ask citizens to not interrupt line crews as they continue their work, as it only slows progress on power restorations.

LP&L has established an email to allow customers with an outage to directly email their request.

The email address is

Their call centers have experienced a very high volume of calls, and the email address provides customers an alternative avenue to communicate with the utility.

They say that the service is for customers who have not previously reported an outage.

Customers using the email address must include their name, address where service is interrupted, and a phone number where the customer can be reached.

LP&L may also be contacted at 775-2509 during normal business hours and 775-2555 at any time day or night.