Lubbock police are warning Lubbockites of a possible new scam being perpetrated in the area.

Multiple calls have been made to the Lubbock Police Department regarding a man attempting to con people in local hotels and churches.

The man reportedly stood up and introduced himself to a church congregation, and asked for money to fly to Syria, where his parents had been recently killed. One of the church members gave him the money, only to find out that the person has an extensive history of fraud across several states, according to a press release by the LPD.

Authorities are warning the public to be wary of people with a hard-luck story. Anyone who is approached by a person asking for money or presenting a “deal” that sounds suspicious is encouraged to contact the police before giving away any money.

Anyone with information, or is a victim of this scam is urged to make a report with police, by calling 775-2817.