On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Lubbock Mayor Tom Martin talked with Chad and Rex about his campaign for re-election.

Mayor Martin said that the top concerns for Lubbock citizens are water, street systems, and keeping taxes low. He also countered a claim from his opponent Glen Robertson that the city is in severe debt and cannot pay it off, saying that such a claim is only trying to "cause a panic."

"Our debt is manageable. We have very high bond ratings... and we have a plan to pay it back and we are [paying it back]. We have never missed a payment, and we will never miss a payment, because Lubbock is too conservative for that."

Mayor Martin also talked about not receiving an endorsement from the Lubbock police officers. He said that the police officer's demand for a 15% pay increase was not realistic. However, he is advocating a 3% pay increase for all city employees.

For more information of Mayor Tom Martin's re-election campaign, visit his website at tommartinformayor.com.