On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Lubbock Mayor Tom Martin joined Chad and Rex in studio to discuss all the latest out of City Hall.

When asked about Occupy Lubbock, Martin said that the protesters are simply exercising their 1st Amendment rights, and that so far, they have kept things peaceful.

"They [Occupy Lubbock] are trying to make their point. I don't agree with it at all, but...the nature of protest movements is always trying to make your point."

Martin also said that while the protesters are free to protest, the people of Lubbock are also free to ignore them. Martin also talked about the relationship between the city and county departments, saying that they are on good terms, but added that he would like to see more county involvement in the library and health department programs.

Mayor Martin also took several listener calls, concerning the topics of Occupy Lubbock, railroad crossings and a recently fired police officer.