On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Lubbock mayor Tom Martin talked with Chad and Rex about all the goings-on at yesterday's city council meeting.

One of the issues to come up at yesterday's meeting was the possibility of the city council holding a few of its meetings in the evening hours. Martin said that, while he was willing to look into the idea, he does not want all of the city council meetings to be held at night.

The business hours of the world are during the daytime.

Martin said that, if the meetings were held at night, there is the possibility that the meetings would run late into the early morning hours. He also addressed the deal of LP&L utility board meetings being televised, saying that since the board voted against the meetings being televised, he is respecting their decision and does not want the meetings televised.

Martin also addressed several other issues brought up at yesterday's meeting, including state grants, city pools, the decision to not do a joint venture with the city and county regarding the health department. Martin also took listener questions concerning evening city council meetings.