On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Lubbock Mayor Tom Martin joined Chad and Rex in studio to talk about yesterday's city council meeting.

The big story to come out of City Hall is the upcoming construction on 34th Street. The project will involve the sections of 34th Street from Avenue Q to Indiana Avenue, and possibly to Memphis Avenue. Mayor Martin said that the poor conditon of the streets prompted the project.

"The original idea on 34th Street was the condition of the streets were in such bad shape. You just bounce all the way up and down 34th street because of the condition of the pavement."

Mayor Martin said that the project could also revitalize the 34th Street area. He said that although businesses may be "inconvenienced" at times by all the construction, they are working with the city and are in support of the project. Mayor Martin also answered several listener questions concerning the 34th Street project.

The construction will begin in late February and is expected to be completed in roughly 2 years.