On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Lubbock Mayor Tom Martin talked with Chad and Rex about the latest coming out of city hall.

One of the major developments coming out of yesterday's meeting was the approval of the reconstruction project for 34th Street. The project would include new curbs, sidewalks and drainage ditches, as well as replacing the asphalt streets with reinforced concrete and fixing some of the major dips in the street. Martin said that 34th street is one of the oldest major thoroughfares in Lubbock, and that with the changes in design standards over the years, it needs to be rebuilt.

"[34th street] is such a valuable part of this city. We have lots of major thoroughfares, we've  got a growing city, and...by revitalizing it, I think it'll help all the businesses."

Mayor Martin said that, after 34th street is completely finished, he would like to start fixing up 50th Street and 82nd Street.

Mayor Martin also spoke about a possible memorial fountain for the wrongfully convicted Tim Cole, which was pulled off the agenda at yesterday's meeting. He said that the money for the memorial needs to be included in the budget process, and not pulled out of the reserves. Mayor Martin also spoke with listeners about rebuilding 82nd street and the new animal shelter.