Lubbock’s mayor is looking into ways to spread out portions of the Lubbock City Council meetings to keep them from running late into the night.

Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson has said that he has asked City Attorney Sam Medina to look into having citizen comments on Thursday evenings and then hold the actual Council meeting on Friday mornings.

In a Facebook post, Robertson said:

“After two council meetings that have lasted well into the night, it has become apparent to me that our experiment of having night meetings may be producing some negative results. We are having staff stay until after midnight incurring additional payroll cost, forcing citizens who wish to speak at public hearings for hours upon hours and we are not giving matters the attention they deserve when we go past midnight. As a result, I have asked our City Attorney to see if we could have citizen’s comments on Thursday evenings and recess until Friday mornings for our agenda items. I will be posting an agenda item to discuss our options at the next council meeting. I think it is important for this council to continue to make it easy for the citizens to speak to us, but we must find a way to balance our need to conduct business in a professional and productive manner.”

On another Facebook update late Friday afternoon, Robertson said that he feels that some citizens' comments tend to cross the line when talking about specific council members.

"We had over 25 people speak at the citizens comment period during last nights council meeting. I am grateful to live in a country where we have the right to speak to and criticize our elected officials. However, I think that we have had several people in the last few meetings cross the line when making very personal statements towards certain Council Members. While I seldom agree with the majority of this Council, I feel it is my duty to ask people to be civil in their comments in Council Chambers. These Council Members make $25.00 per month and devote a tremendous amount of time to fulfill their duties. They were also elected by the majority of the people that voted in their prospective elections. This council has taken several measures to encourage citizen comments and participation and I am simple asking that they be treated with civility and common courtesy. Please understand, I am not asking for you to quit disagreeing or pointing out our mistakes, I just need to bring a more professional environment to our proceedings."

At Thursday evening’s meeting, 25 people spoke about a number of issues including Lubbock Power and Light electric rates, Market Lubbock funding, and the tax rate.

The Council will also hold the second public hearing over the proposed tax rate and the first public hearing over the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year on Thursday, August 29th at 6:15 p.m. at City Hall.