On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson talked with Chad Hasty about the latest going on with Lubbock Power and Light and other issues affecting Lubbock.

LP&L continues to be a hot topic around Lubbock, especially with the recent announcement that they will be accepting public comments during their board meetings and also instituting smart meters. Robertson said he was in full support of LP&L allowing public comments, but added that the board should not be as restrictive with the comment process as they are now.

As for smart meters, Robertson said he supports them, but understands that some people have concerns about the smart meters and that LP&L should allow those people to opt out of the meters if they don't want them. He went on to chastise LP&L for their lack of openness and transparency about the whole issue, and that they need to be more honest with the people of Lubbock about not just the smart meters, but all of their "closed doors" matters.

"I think we need [the advanced meters]. I just wish we'd be a little bit more honest with the public about why we need them and how long it's going to take to pay for them...I think it's an insult to the public that LP&L really thinks that we as a public are that stupid, that can't see through a lot of this. I think if they'll just be completely open, be honest and tell the facts, I think 99% of the people in Lubbock will accept the advanced meters."

While Robertson does not really take issue with smart meters and public comments, he does take serious issue with LP&L spending over $100,000 on their advertising budget. He explained that LP&L knows they have a bad public image and really want to improve it. However, he blasted LP&L for not focusing on fixing their poor customer service and instead choosing to launch an ad campaign for a company that has no other competitors.

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