On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson joined Tom Collins and Laura Mac to discuss the latest coming out of City Hall.

Robertson took many listeners' calls concerning a possible ban on texting and driving. Many of our listeners pointed out that there are other distractions that drivers face not just cell phones, and that a ban like this would be hard to enforce.  Robertson said that he would support a ban on texting and driving, however he is still on the fence about banning handheld devices in cars altogether.

"I am for a texting ban. I have not gotten there on a complete handheld ban. I'm going to listen to both side of the argument and see where it heads. But I have not seen enough information yet to make a good decision on that.

Also at last night's city council meeting, the council voted against eliminating the position of Mayor's assistant, despite Robertson saying he did not need an assistant. Robertson said he was surprised by the council's decision to not eliminate the position, and that he himself would not be using an executive assistant.

Robertson also took calls over such topics as code enforcement, motorcycle cops, and unnecessary purchases by the City Council.