Around 8:50 Monday morning a Lubbock man set his own mother on fire inside her apartment at the Stone Hollow Apartments located at 1510 East Cornell . The man fled the scene and entered nearby Rise Academy and took a third grade teacher hostage at knife-point.

According to multiple reports Rick Baumgartner, the school’s director, broke down the office door where the teacher was being held which distracted the attacker and the teacher was able to run away. Police arrived shortly after and the suspect dropped the knife as was taken into custody by Lubbock Police.

Police ID'd the suspect as George Bradley, 32 years old. He has been charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault. Bradley's mother suffered serious burn wounds and is listed in critical condition according to the Lubbock Police Department.

No students were injured at Rise Academy and Baumgartner received a scratch after trying to distract the suspect.

Tomorrow on Lubbock's First News we will discuss this story and the implications it may have down the road. Should teachers be allowed to carry guns? Would it have mattered in this case? Would extra security have prevented this man from getting inside the school?

Those are all questions we will take a look at on Tuesday's show. I'd like to hear from you though. Comment below and tell me what you think.

In my mind one thing is for sure, Rick Baumgartner is a hero today. He probably saved a teachers life by using quick thinking and not freaking out.