Computer science students from Lubbock High School have won a national competition.

A team of computer science students from LHS, in collaboration with teams from Montclair, New Jersey, as well as Clarksville and Marlborough, Massachusetts, have won the 2014 United States Zero Robotics Competition.

The alliance was ranked third going into the competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and won first place in the live finals on Friday morning.

The programming instructions written by the alliance was successfully flown by miniature spacecraft onboard the International Space Station on Friday morning, where at all previous levels of competition, their programs were run as computer simulations.

This is Lubbock High’s second time to advance to the finals and the second time as the lone qualifying team from Texas.

The Lubbock High team is coached by Sam Black, and is comprised of seven students: Carter Airhart, Michael Cheon, Kelly Jiang, Peter Lee, J.W. Parsons, Ross Raedeke, and Justin Rodriguez.

“This was such an incredible experience and opportunity for the students,” said Black. “We are still in orbit over the outcome.”

The Lubbock High team will arrive at the Lubbock International Airport at 4 p.m. Monday, January 20th.