On the Monday edition of Lubbock's First News, Clinton Thetford, managing coordinator of the Lubbock County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), discussed the committee's tasks.

Thetford described the LEPC as a result of the Community Right to Know Act. He said the committee conducts threat risk assessments of the community. The committee receives annual reports of hazardous materials facilities from the city that list what is being stored where. They uses this information to develop specific response plans for those facilities, including evacuation zones and routing. There are about 300 sites reported each year, but this is narrowed to about 35 critical high risk facilities.

In addition, Thetford said, "We coordinate with out local fire departments." The LEPC works to ensure volunteer fire departments to make sure they have training and know how to response. They also work with pipeline groups who deal with pipeline emergencies. The LEPC has a hazard materials response truck training for response within 15 counties. They also work with the sheriffs' offices mobile command task forces and other groups to promote the safety of the county.

More information on the committee and emergency preparedness can be found on the LEPC website.

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