The Lubbock County Republican Party last week sent a Strike Force of campaign volunteers to Ohio to campaign for Mitt Romney (pictured). They returned to Lubbock earlier today.

“It was a thrill to be here, right in the middle of ‘ground-zero’ of this presidential race. This is an historic election, and we wanted to be in the trenches on this one,” said Sondra Ziegler, Volunteer Deployment Coordinator and Vice Chairman of the Lubbock County Republican Party. “I think we put up some big numbers in the seven days we were on the ground in Cleveland,” she said.

The Strike Force team included Sondra Ziegler, Ruth Schiermeyer, Deanne Clark, Abby Spencer, Caitlyn English, Evelyn Winn, Dennis Barnes, and Lubbock Area Republican ARW President Nitra Barnes. Their campaigning was focused on the Cleveland metro area.

Expenses for the campaigning were offset by Congressman Randy Neugebauer's  Liberty Project PAC.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6 and KFYO will have complete coverage of the race for President between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, along with statewide and local races.